Sunday, March 5, 2017

Blogger Recall

I've been blogging since October 2008, my first blogging platform was Blogger. I still remember the first time I used Blogger. I was in Senior High School, My first blog was my homework. my teacher said that we should have a blog then I signed up to blogger. that was an awesome moment when I shared everything I did on Blogger. here is my Blogger profile :

Then in 2010 when Tumblr was happening, I moved to tumblr until first quarter of 2017. I have tumblr blog with my own domain. I dont know why, but I feel empty when blogging on tumblr, it is ok to know that tumblr is the best blog platform that simply to use. but I can't get satisfication like when blogging on Blogger, because when blogging on Blogger I got a lot of friends that I've never met before that always visit blog each other, we know that as "Blogwalking". they left comment on your posts. it such a good experience because I feel like my posts have been appreciated by other.

So, last friday night (3/3) I visited Rangga's house. We talked so much about blogging and it has motivated me to write again. then on Sunday (5/3) I turn on my laptop, and make a commitment that since today I will blogging on this platform again.

Hell yeah blogger has recalled me.

Saturday, November 12, 2016


Our most aticipated event of the year is finally here. after 3 years of vacuum, finally the 7th Kreatifitas Tahunan SENJA “light of art” has been held up on Nov, 10th 2016 started from 01:00 PM until the end. These are the line-up:

Guest Stars: Rocket Rockers, Hoolahoop, The Silver, DJ Nasa Freak
Special Performance: SENJA Performance (Subdiv Traditional Dance, Subdiv Modern Dance, Subdiv Angklung-Perkustik, Subdiv Band, Subdiv Theater, and Alumni’s Band)
Band Festival: Remember Party, Nufla, HD, Glamorious, Stand and Rise, Midnight, Heylu, Draff, Dinner at My Home, Senja Army, Kyne, Gragie, Cube Madness, Foremost, Felix William, Ugly But Honestly. Also we provided Stand that Indomaret came as a participant.

Our event also had been covered by TransMedia, INKOM UNJANI and Mata Lensa. You can watch video from TransMedia down below:

More video will be uploaded very soon, so follow my blog to get more updates.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

SENJA x GoAhead People Community

I am so glad to announce that GoAhead People Community will support our event, The 7th Kreatifitas Tahunan SENJA. Hopefully it can be long-term cooperation beetween SENJA and GoAhead People Community, Aamiin. And I would like to say thank you very much to Mr Doppy and Mr Raja from HM Sampoerna who have supported us to make this event come true. Read more story about The 7th Kreatifitas Tahunan SENJA here:

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Thank you

That night was raining when we talked so deeply about vision that we want to reach. Your smile, your experience, your perspective and your agreement have constructed my vision to be stronger than before. it is my pleasure to have you as a part of my team. Welcome to the circle! together we will make it happen.

With love,