Sunday, March 5, 2017

Blogger Recall

I've been blogging since October 2008, my first blogging platform was Blogger. I still remember the first time I used Blogger. I was in Senior High School, My first blog was my homework. my teacher said that we should have a blog then I signed up to blogger. that was an awesome moment when I shared everything I did on Blogger. here is my Blogger profile :

Then in 2010 when Tumblr was happening, I moved to tumblr until first quarter of 2017. I have tumblr blog with my own domain. I dont know why, but I feel empty when blogging on tumblr, it is ok to know that tumblr is the best blog platform that simply to use. but I can't get satisfication like when blogging on Blogger, because when blogging on Blogger I got a lot of friends that I've never met before that always visit blog each other, we know that as "Blogwalking". they left comment on your posts. it such a good experience because I feel like my posts have been appreciated by other.

So, last friday night (3/3) I visited Rangga's house. We talked so much about blogging and it has motivated me to write again. then on Sunday (5/3) I turn on my laptop, and make a commitment that since today I will blogging on this platform again.

Hell yeah blogger has recalled me.

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  1. sama gan platfom blogger yang pertama kali saya kenal adalah blogspot,, kemudian wordpress :) saya suka ngeblog sejak 2010 tapi mulai gabung dengan komunitas 2015 kemaren :)